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I am an Associate Broker, Realtor® with Long Realty West Valley, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate.
I specialize in real estate sales in Arizona West Valley Golf Retirement Communities.
I have Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry and Biology and a Masters Degree in Business Administration with Project Management concentration.

As a year-round Sun City Grand resident and full-time Associate Broker Realtor®, I can help you buy and/or sell real estate in the golf retirement communities of Sun City Grand, Sun City West, Corte Bella, Arizona Traditions, Sun City Festival, PebbleCreek and Trilogy at Vistancia.
Buyers and sellers receive what they desire when selecting me as their estate agent:
an experienced, dedicated, well-educated, professional local Realtor® who specializes in real estate in Arizona golf retirement communities.


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October is Breast cancer awareness month

At dinner this evening I heard of another young lady who announced that she is terminally ill with breast cancer.

I returned home to read an email from a classmate. In it she wrote, since my husband and my mom passed away I have no family living by me for help and support as I go through my breast cancer fight but my neighbors and friends are there for me...friends are great!

My good friend, Leolinda Bowers, is another breast cancer survivor. I wrote this 2 years ago and decided this evening that it is appropriate reminder due to the sheer numbers of those who are still being diagnosed with breast cancer. Young, old, male, female, breast cancer has no boundaries.

October is a glorious month of vibrant colors, bounty, and harvest. But it also carries undertones of first frost and impending winter. October encompasses both the celebration of life and an awareness of mortality. Symbolically, then, that October is designated as "Breast Cancer Awareness" month is deeply significant. For even as women are our cherished life-bearers and sustainers, so the chill that lurks (particularly) in the Autumn season of their lives, is cancer of the breast.

Cancer is not a topic most people want to talk about, and you may wonder why it is included in a Realty-related newsletter. Mainly because we care about you. Our joy comes not in just helping you sell your home, or finding the perfect new one, but in seeing you blessed with years to enjoy the fruits of our mutual efforts. A home is just a house, without the warmth of life. And being well-informed about one of the greatest of life threats for women, is life-nurturing. There are hundreds of web sites that offer solid information on breast cancer. We encourage you in this month of trick-or-treat, to opt for the "treat" (health) by spending an hour or two "surfing the internet" on this vital topic. As a primer we offer you the following facts and insights gleaned from a representative crosscut* of these sites.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the second leading cause of death exceeded only by lung cancer. Fortunately, breast cancer deaths have been decreasing since 1990. Increased awareness, and better detection and treatment techniques/regiments, have all played a role.. The decline since 2002 of hormone therapy after menopause also appears to factor into the rosier stats. Early detection and treatment are keys to breast cancer survival. The good news is that if the cancer has not strayed outside the breast, the 5-year survival rates are now close to 100%,

8 out of 9 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer had no family history of the disease. Nonetheless, an awareness of our family history is important, as knowing that breast cancer "runs in the family," fore-warns and fore-arms those genetically predisposed me to that disease, which leads to important early and consistent monitoring steps. As it relates to breast cancer, the presence of the mutated genes BRCA1 or BRCA2 (Breast Cancer Gene 1 or 2), which can be passed on by either mother or father,  predispose one towards the disease. Racially and location-wise, BRCA mutations are most commonly found among Norwegians, Icelanders, the Dutch, and those of central or eastern european (Ashkenazi) Jewish heritage. 5% to 10% of breast cancers are due to inherited genetic mutations, and people with these mutations have a 40% to 80% risk of contracting breast cancer and also a high risk towards ovarian cancer. Statistical risk towards contracting breast cancer is also higher if you are White, Hawaiian, or African-American. Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asian women have the lowest breast cancer rates, and along with Pacific Islanders lower fatality rates if cancer does occur. African-American's sadly have the highest death rates.

Other common "risk factors" beside those already noted include:

  • Aging. The older one gets, the higher the risk. For example, at age 20, your risk is about 1 in 1,985. By age 70, the risk skyrockets to 1 in 24. By 85, odds are 1 in 8. 
  • 1st. period before age 12; menopause after 55; excess weight after menopause.
  • 1st. child after age 30; no children; taking birth control pills for 5 years or longer.
  • Drinking more than 1 alcoholic drink a day (though a glass of red wine taken daily may be a heart-healthy regiment that lessens heart attack risk, the ingestion of any more than one glass of an alcoholic beverage a day as a habit, appear to increase the risk of contracting breast cancer).
  • Current or recent use of combined estrogen & synthetic progestogen or progesterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  • High breast density; a previous biopsy showing hyperplasia (an excessive growth of tissue).
  • Exposure to large amounts of radiation.
  • History of breast or ovarian cancer.

Obviously, prevention of breast cancer as well as it's very early detection and treatment if it does occur, are our goals. Steps can start early, beginning with proper diet and regular (life-long) exercise. Exercise not only helps lower excess weight and help maintain optimum weight levels, but it also lowers estrogen levels, which appear to lower breast cancer risks. Our immune systems also begin to weaken and break down with age, and exercise helps strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system.

Monthly self-exams of ones breasts, to check for lumps, soreness, discoloration, nipple discharge (outside of nursing), are recommended starting at age 20, with clinical exams at least every 3 years. New developments like HALO Breast Pap Test (a simple 5 minute test) is helping physicians shift their focus from diagnosing and treating breast cancer to risk assessment and prevention, and can give a "heads up" on potential problem years before a mammogram. By age 40, annual mammograms are recommended as a preventative or early detection measure. Should they be called for, a variety of other tests and diagnostic measures such as MRI's (Magnetic Resonance Imaging); STEREOTACTING (3-D) IMAGING; PET scans (an injected tracer process that identifies diseased cells); and SCINTIGRAPHY & LYMPHATIC MAPPING (using a camera to show where a tumor absorbs an injected tracer), as well as other emerging medical diagnostic aids are being added to the cancer fighting "toolbox".  All these offer increased hope in the ongoing battle against breast (and other) cancer. Equally hopeful are the latest stats. At this time there are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Let us give thanks for that, even as we do all we can to support cancer research and work towards cures. Unlike in nature, the icy chill of winter need not automatically follow fall as it relates to breast cancer.

Sun City Grand Resident,

Anthony de la Torre

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