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Mission with PAID Solar
Borgata with 3 Car Garage

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Sun City

13610 N 111th Ave 

Sun City West

13234 W Bellwood Dr 


Sun City Grand  

15119 W Alegria Ct  

19912 N Hidden Ridge Dr 

20230 N Cactus Garden Trail   

20382 N Coronado Way  



Ventana Lakes 

20292 N 108th Lane  



14837 W Ravenswood Dr
Sun City West

9904 W Spruce Dr
Sun City

19928 N Palo Brea Ct
Sun City Grand

16205 W Mountain Pass Dr
Sun City Grand

18620 N Lariat Ct
Sun City Grand 

14231 W Yosemite Dr
Sun City West 

20010 N Window Rock Dr  
Sun City Grand

20900 N Canyon Whisper Dr
Sun City Grand

18021 W San Miguel Ave
Litchfield Park

18810 N Suncrest Ct
Sun City West

15773 W Grand Point Lane
Sun City Grand 

14921 W Walking Stick Way
Sun City Grand   

20124 N Canyon Whisper Dr
Sun City Grand

Corte Bella

17513 N Eagle Crest Dr
Sun City Grand

Sun City West - B

Sun City Grand

Sun City Grand - B

Sun City Grand - B

Sun City Grand - B

Sun City Grand

18227 N 130TH AVE
Sun City West

Sun City West 

Sun City West 

Sun City Grand

Sun City

Sun City Grand

Sun City Grand

Sun City Grand

Sun City West




Aloha and Welcome to My Website!

I am the Designated Broker, Realtor® at Leolinda Realty in Sun City Grand.

My office is located at 14800 W Mt View Blvd, in Sun City Grand in Surprise, Arizona.
I specialize in real estate sales in Arizona West Valley Golf Retirement Communities.
I have Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry and Biology and a Masters Degree in Business Administration with Project Management concentration.

As a year-round Sun City Grand resident and full-time Realtor®, I can help you buy and/or sell real estate in the golf retirement communities of Sun City Grand, Sun City West, Corte Bella, Arizona Traditions, Sun City Festival, PebbleCreek and Trilogy at Vistancia.
Buyers and sellers receive what they desire when selecting me as their estate agent:
an experienced, dedicated, well-educated, professional local Realtor® who specializes in real estate in Arizona golf retirement communities.


What's Happening

All Things Considered


Late afternoon rush hour. You are driving home. Traffic is a bumper-to-bumper river of barely poking along steel. Road rage? Never! Not if you are fortunate enough to be in an area with Public Radio Station coverage that subscribes to the nationally syndicated radio program All Things Considered. It first aired on May 3, 1971, and 38 years later it is not only still around, but also the most-listened to afternoon drive-time news radio program in the country. I’ve been married to my wife almost that long, and she doesn’t listen to me at all, so I consider All Things Considered achievement monumental! On top of that, their news coverage of current events comes with a “rest of the story” twist and depth rare in today’s cookie-cutter, sound-bite broadcasting. But what I like most is they consider, well, all things. So you always get little intriguing sideline stories and human-interest vignettes that surprise, intrigue, and educate.


Old “know-it-all” fogies like me, need little unexpected “ah-ha, so that’s it,” or “I didn’t know that” knowledge nuggets. At my age I find them as fun and satisfying as a Halloween trick-or-treat goodie is to a kid. This radio show delivers, always a little something for everybody. The blog this month is in that vein. Have fun. Get beyond ball scores and backaches at your next patio party or wine and cheese event. “All Things Consider” it. For example, right after Mabel rattles on about her slip and slide fall on the wet tile floor, and after your solicitous: “Oh my, so glad you didn’t break a hip Mabel. Mary did, you know, and it was down hill from there.” Most folks would end it about there.  But you’ve set yourself up to kick the conversation up a notch. Slip in a little “All Things Considered” type educational nugget such as “Older women on Earth lose about 1 percent of their bone mass a year, you know. But did you know that without exercise, astronauts in zero gravity, even big macho ones, lose 1 percent of their bone mass a month! A month! Tis true. Yes, really. Do the math. If you were up there 12 years, you’d be reduced to jelly. So NASA schedules exercise as a part of their astronauts daily work routine… two and a half hours of hard exercise a day just to maintain.”


About now Jill, a chronic insomniac, will snort: “Maintain! Why I can’t even sleep.” Another perfect “All Things Considered” moment. “Jill,” you say, “speaking of sleep, did you know that the sleep-inducing narcotic painkiller morphine, first isolated in 1806, is named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams?” Your contribution won’t do much for Jill’s insomnia, but she will lie awake a little better informed.


Now over here you overhear names being dropped. You listen a little closer. “Harvey, Irma, Maria…” Ah, not neighbors, hurricanes. They’ll all be rehashing disaster news, played and replayed on TV, same every station, same now.  An “All things Considered” moment for you. Steer the conversation to what you all as a group can and will do to help the victims. Then to lighten their shock, since you are talking about tropical storms, enlighten: “Did you notice that all of those hurricanes were spinning in the same direction? Yes. And did you know that ALL tropical storms, ALL, in the northern hemisphere spin counter clockwise, and ALL tropical storms in the southern hemisphere spin clockwise. Yes, all. This phenomenon is the result of the Corolis effect. You can then launch into the very complicated scientific specifics of that. It is mind-numbingly complicated. Soon you’ll have everyone snoring, even Jill. So that’s good, right?


Beware though of the one or two Morpheus holdouts. They’ll have plastic pocket liners jammed with colored pens, and actually be leaning into the conversation instead of slumped, out cold in their chairs. Unlike the rest, your mention of Corolis excites and energizes them. They REALLY know the physics and math of it. Engage them any further in that direction and you’ll be in way over your head. A tactical exit with class touches on, but distracts from your (or my) ignorance. I swirl the wine in my glass, while staring at it pensively. I pause for a moment, for affect, then say: “Corolis…You know, my grandson asked me, ‘grandpa, if you flush your toilet here in Surprise, which way will the water swirl? Will it go the same way if I flush where I live in Seattle?’ What do you think I told him?” They’ll jump in and give me the answer, the correct one. I’ll nod in agreement, and say “Exactly.” We smile, and I quickly change the subject to the Cardinals or Diamondbacks.


But, back to the swirlie.  Do you know which way it will go? Counter clockwise you say? Actually, I learned it could go either way, depending on which way the water enters the tank when you flush. You see, the water jet enters the bowl with a force that is stronger than the rotation of the earth, so it over-rides the Corolis affect. So, if the entry jet shoots the water to the right, it will swirl around the bowl to the right, or to the left if the jet of water shoots in that way. But how about your bathtub? After your evening soak, you step out of the standing water, and pull the plug. Or better yet, use the bathroom or kitchen sink. Saves water. This is Arizona after all. Now pull the plug. Which way will the water swirl on its way down the drain? Are you sure?


Well, we will leave you with that question. Consider it. Next month we’ll “All Things” our way into some intriguing “I didn’t know that” stuff about the meaning behind some automobile and franchise logos, a hotter tobacco sauce, and why onions make you weep when you slice them, and even offer a simple preventive measure.


Sun City Grand Resident,

Tony Delatorre
Phoenix Retirement Communities blog
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