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Aloha and Welcome to My Website!

I am an Associate Broker, Realtor® with Long Realty West Valley. My office is located on the outskirts of Sun City Grand in Surprise, Arizona.
I specialize in real estate sales in Arizona West Valley Golf Retirement Communities.
I have Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry and Biology and a Masters Degree in Business Administration with Project Management concentration.

As a year-round Sun City Grand resident and full-time Associate Broker Realtor®, I can help you buy and/or sell real estate in the golf retirement communities of Sun City Grand, Sun City West, Corte Bella, Arizona Traditions, Sun City Festival, PebbleCreek and Trilogy at Vistancia.
Buyers and sellers receive what they desire when selecting me as their estate agent:
an experienced, dedicated, well-educated, professional local Realtor® who specializes in real estate in Arizona golf retirement communities.


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Happy Trails to You

      As you head out the Southwest side of Sun City Grand on Parkview, which morphs into Cotton Lane, you pass the Happy Trails development. This was one of many business ventures between two Western radio, movie and TV legends, the husband and wife team of Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans.  The Happy Trails name derived from the theme song for their hugely popular 1950’s & 60’s radio and TV shows. Dale, an accomplished jazz, swing, and big band singer before her screen days, wrote the lyrics to the song the couple always sang together:


      Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

      Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then.

      Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?

      Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

      Happy trails to you, ‘till we meet again.


      Some trails are happy ones, others are blue.

      It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,

      Here’s a happy one for you.

      Two years before her death in 2001, Dale published her autobiography Rainbow on the hard trail.  Indeed, Roy and Dale serve as proof that in the end  really “happy” is so much more than a “ha-ha” or bubbly Pollyanna experience.  Both came from very fractured beginning.  Roy’s early life could have been lifted right out of Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, as his family followed the Depression Era Dust Bowl itinerant trail west, eking out a hand-to-mouth living working fruit California’s orchards. Roy’s first marriage failed.  His second wife died from complications in childbirth. Evans had cycled through three marriages before she found Roy.  They entered their 51-year union a “blended” family with 4 children 3 from prior marriages, and an adopted daughter of Roy’s).  They would have a daughter, Robin of their own, only to lose her at 2 years of age from complications from Downs Syndrome.  Out of this great sadness came an acclaimed best selling novel penned by Dale, Angel Unaware.

      Dale and Roy went on to adopt four more children, a true rainbow coalition: one child a Native American, another a Korean War orphan, another from an orphanage in Kentucky, and the last from Scotland.  They would come to have 16 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren. “Who cares about the clouds, as long as we are together.  After many early failures, in each other Roy and Dale became more than the sum of their former fractured parts, earning a merited and lasting fame.  For his countless Western films and long-running radio and TV series, Roy was dubbed the “King of the Cowboys,” his wife and partner, the “Queen of the West.”  In the very best sense, they lived up to those ‘handles”.  The couple has a combined 7 stars on Hollywood’s esteemed “Walk of Fame,” for their years of work in movies, TV, Radio, and Music, a truly royal accomplishment.  But it is outside of stardom that they most shone.  They, like their contemporary John Wayne, were and remain “National treasures,” quintesmally “All American. In the exhibit of the National Cowgirl Museum & hall of fame in Fort Worth, Texas, Dale is quoted:

“’cowgirl’ is an attitude really, a pioneer spirit, a special American brand of courage. The cowgirl faces life head-on, lives by her own lights, and makes no excuses. Cowgirls take stands; they speak up. They defend things they hold dear.”

       That same cowgirl showed that courage, took a stand in 1964 when she was a keynote speaker at the “Project Prayer” rally that drew 2,500 to Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium.  Two prior Supreme Court decisions in 1962 and 63 had struck down prayer in public schools. Nonetheless, Dale, a strong proponent of prayer in our schools spoke her cowgirl piece: “It is high time that all Americans stand up and be counted. Let our children learn of the Lord and be free.”  Radical?  If so, then too were others like Anthony Eisley ( of ABC’s Hawaiian Eye fame), Walter Brennan, Pat Boone, Lloyd Nolan, Rhonda Fleming, and Ginger Rodgers who also attended, and John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Mary Pickford, Jane Russell, Ginger Rodgers, and many other notables who also saw a faith-based America as a strong one. 

       Roy, of course, was of that same cloth. I remember as a kid how proud I was to be part of his kid’s club. To belong, you had to ascribe to the ten rules he wrote. Himself. They were: 

                        1. Be neat and clean.

                        2. Be courteous and polite.

                        3. Always obey your parents.

                        4. Protect the weak and help them.

                        5. Be brave but never take chances.

                        6. Study hard and learn all you can.

                        7. Be kind to animals and take care of them.

                        8. Eat all your food and never waste any.

                        9. Love God and go to Sunday school regularly.

                        10. Always respect our flag and country.


      In our callous and skeptical age, I suspect these basic “Roy’s kid-club rules” must seem outdated, naive,  in that “All I ever had to learn about life I learned in kindergartensimplistic category. But then, maybe if we can’t say it simple, it ain’t said right. I am proud to say I mostly followed “Roy’s rules” and still do.  TRhere are a few rules, like the 10 Commandments, the “Golden rule,” and Roy’s kid’s ten, that just plumb make sense, back then, and even more so now in a world sadly adrift of “rules.”

      Roy and Dale were the genuine articles, unashamed of living both privately and publically what they believed.  Roy poured countless hours into Shriners charity works; Dale into Christian TV and authoring inspirational books. Both were frequent speakers and singers at Billy Graham crusades.  They were very ordinary extra-ordinary people.  In an era of “selfies,” and “ME!,” and anger, this couple remind us of the beauty of kindness, decency, and self-lessness. They rose to the heights of fame, but they used it for others.  They were the best of what America grows. Late in life Roy, reflected on his origins, not as “King of the Cowboys,” but the before that kid, Leonard Slye, who was born in a rundown 2nd. Street tenement building in Cincinnati, Ohio.  That building was torn down in 1970 to build Riverfront Stadium. Roy when asked where he originally came from quipped:

”I guess you can say I was born on 2nd. base.”

      God bless you Roy, and Dale. Your were both “ALL AMERICAN.”  Give their memory a nod and a “thanks” next pass  you pass Happy Trails.

Sun City Grand Resident,

Anthony De La Torre

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